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The 9th IAPR International Conference on Biometrics
June 13-16, 2016. Halmstad, Sweden

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Instructions for Camera Ready Paper Submission

Please use the following templates to prepare your camera ready paper:

1. REQUIREMENT to submit a properly formatted PDF version of the paper to CMT, along with an IEEE Copyright Transfer form, by April 29, 2016

A paper can be up to 8 pages - the 7th and 8th pages will incur a cost of 100€ per page.

Only PDF files are acceptable. These files must be less than 10MB in length. The CMT site used for review also will be used to collect the camera ready copies of papers to publish. The process for submitting final copies of papers is as follows:

  1. If you have used the ICB manuscript template, make sure to uncomment the line starting with: %\icbfinalcopy
  2. Use the IEEE's PDF eXpress validator to check compliance of your manuscript. PDF eXpress can validate PDF files you submit, and it can also convert source documents (MS-Word, WordPerfect, RTF, LaTeX, etc.) to PDF files for you. The conversion feature does not always succeed.
    • Create an account for yourself by following the link "New Users Click Here". The conference ID is 37133X.
    • Use the site's facilities to validate your document.
    • In our experience, 90% of the failed validations are due to font embedding issues. If your validation fails, make sure that embeddable fonts are used exclusively, including the captions and text of figures and tables. If you Google "pdf express problem" you will find lots of advice on how to fix validation problems.
    • You cannot skip the validation step. IEEE will revalidate every file we submit for inclusion in IEEE Xplore, and will not fix or ingest files that fail validation. If it's not ingested, it is not archival.
    • The validation step does not enter your final paper into CMT; so do not stop once you have a validated file.
  3. Once your camera-ready paper has been validated by PDF eXpress, upload it via the ICB 2016 CMT site. Choose the "Author" role if necessary. Your paper listing(s) will appear. For each accepted paper, please perform the following steps:
    • Click "Edit" in the "Camera-Ready|Presentations" column and enter the wizard for final paper submission. Use the "Next" button to proceed through the pages of the wizard (or use the navigation links on the left).
    • Check and update the paper title and abstract if they have changed since your original submission.
    • Check and update the list and order of authors to match your final paper exactly. We will generate the program from CMT's records so it is your responsibility to ensure that the title, authors, and order of authors matches the paper.
    • Upload your PDF file that has been validated by PDF eXpress. You must explicitly agree to the Additional Questions in order for your final paper to be placed in CMT. Complete the submission on the Confirmation page.
  4. For each accepted paper, fill, sign, scan and send the IEEE copyright notice to

2. REQUIREMENT to to register for the meeting by May 5, 2016, attend the meeting, and present your work.

In November 2008, IEEE authorized conference organizers to withhold papers from IEEE Xplore if an author does not attend the meeting and present the paper. We continue to enforce this policy. You should recall checking a box agreeing to this requirement at the time of your original submission.

The benefit to an author of a conference paper is the placement of that paper in the archival literature, where it accumulates citations and contributes to the reputation of the authors. Publication is a privilege and carries obligations. For a conference, the obligations are to attend the meeting and to present the work. Papers that are accepted by the conference after peer review but are not presented at the meeting will not be published. Distribution at the meeting is not considered publication.


  • An author of each accepted paper must register for the conference by May 5, 2016. The registration page is here.
  • Papers accepted for the meeting must be presented by one of the authors, and at least one of the authors must register for the meeting at the author rate.
  • A registration at the Author Rate will cover only 1 paper.
  • If no authors attend the meeting to present their work, the paper will be withdrawn from the proceedings and from IEEE Xplore.
  • Authors may not delegate presentation of their paper to a non-author in attendance.
  • Submitted papers may not be accepted by or under review for publication in any other venue.

Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research (IS-Lab/CAISR), School of Information Technology, Halmstad University, Sweden