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The 9th IAPR International Conference on Biometrics
June 13-16, 2016. Halmstad, Sweden

Technical sponsors
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Instructions to Presenters

Important considerations

  • If a paper is not presented (oral or poster) by one of its authors, then the paper will be withdrawn from the proceedings and from IEEE Xplore.
  • Authors may not delegate presentation of their paper to a non-author in attendance.

Oral Presentation

  1. Please meet the session chair for your session at least 15 minutes before the session begins.
  2. If you are using your own laptop for the presentation, please ensure that it is compatible with the projector present in the room. As a precautionary measure, please also bring a USB memory stick containing your presentation.
  3. If you will be using the laptop present in the conference hall, please bring a USB memory stick containing your presentation. The laptop will have Microsoft PowerPoint available in it.
  4. You must ensure that your presentation does not exceed 15 minutes. This will give 5 minutes for the session chair and audience to pose questions. Suggest that the 15-minute presentation should be divided in this way,
    • 2 minutes for general presentation of the problem,
    • 6 minutes for theoretical solution proposed,
    • 6 minutes for experimental results,
    • 1 minutes for conclusion and final remarks.

Poster Highlight Presentation

  1. During the Spotlight Session, poster presenters will have the opportunity to give a brief two-minute oral highlight of their poster in the conference hall. This presentation will serve as a prelude to the audience who will then view the poster in the following session.
  2. To facilitate this, every presenter should prepare a two-slide presentation. This presentation should not contain any video or audio objects. Note that each presentation should have exactly two slides (including the title slide). A template suggestion is available here.
  3. The slides should be sent by email to no later than June 9, 2016. These presentations will be preloaded in a single ppt onto the conference laptop to facilitate presentation in quick succession by each speaker. We regret that we cannot accommodate poster presentations on USB sticks brought to the session at the last minute, or presentations on authors’ laptops.
  4. The slides in the Spotlight Session will be presented in quick succession. Therefore, each presentation must not exceed two minutes

Poster Presentation

Center for Applied Intelligent Systems Research (IS-Lab/CAISR), School of Information Technology, Halmstad University, Sweden